Client Success: Atelier Brand

Written By Lisa Hromada

Project Scope: Personal Brand Development & Design

About the Atelier Brand:
The Mission of Atelier Derek Uskert is to create beautiful, timeless, and exceptionally crafted Architecture that exceeds the state of the Art and elevates the human spirit.

Key attributes to be reflected in his visual brand:
simple, clean, modern, without limit, creative and intelligent, sacred space, grounding, “soul to it”

Step One: Discovery Phase

In this first phase of the branding process, we defined and clarified Atelier’s:

  • Goals
  • Vision, Purpose
  • Values, passions
  • Brand attributes
  • Strengths
  • Competitors
  • Target Audience
  • Current Reputation
  • Formation of an Influence Statement

We used this information to develop a personal summary and other written communications that serve as the foundation for his visual brand identity.

Step Two: Logo Exploration


Some initial comp logo designs to get the conversation going

Step Three: Finalized Logo Mark

Atelier Derek Uskert Logo

Atelier Derek Uskert, Design/Architect

Step Four: Business Cards

Atelier Derek Uskert - Business Card Design

Atelier Derek Uskert – Business Card Design

Step Five: Website

Derek Uskert - Website Design

Derek Uskert – Website Design




“I wanted a clear brand to help me establish my new business and connect me with the clients I wanted to reach. Lisa was invaluable in helping me accomplish this. Every step of the way, Lisa listened carefully and helped me get to the essence of my thoughts. As a result, I was able to create a brand that aligned with my ethics, morals, and goals. The work I have created since undertaking this effort has been my best work. I credit this to having a clear brand and vision as a starting point.”

~ Derek Uskert, Architect, AIA, LEED AP