Client Success: Listen to Thyself

Written By Lisa Hromada

Project Scope: Personal Branding Re-Brand Design

About Listen to Thyself:
Listen to Thyself is a success & empowerment team who offers coaching programs and mentorship for the entrepreneurial-spirited woman, who is committed to a higher vision of what she can be or do.

Key attributes to be reflected in their visual brand:
rich, vibrant, flowing, transforming, energetic, clean, limitless, creative, abundant

Step One: Logo Design

Listen To Thyself Logo

Listen To Thyself

Step Two: Business Cards
Listen to Thyself business cards

Listen to Thyself – Business Cards

Step Three: Website Banner & Online Graphics
Listen to Thyself - Website Banner Design & Opt-in Graphics

Listen to Thyself – Website Banner Design & Opt-in Graphics




“Katharine and I decided to make a big, bold change after attending an event, one which would require a brand with an entirely new look and feel. Since we did not have any idea what ‘look’ we were going for, we felt confident in Lisa’s ability to create what we didn’t know we wanted. Lisa’s energy is clear, present, holding and open. We started with our logo.

This process was exciting and fun. Lisa made the process appear and feel effortless. We were thrilled. The colors, flow, design and expansiveness of our new logo reflected our message.



After finalizing our new brand logo, we wanted to incorporate it into a website banner. The design of our banner is a true testament to Lisa’s creativity and fortitude. Lisa created a simple, yet beautiful brand, right before our very eyes. A brand which truly reflects our feelings, emotions, hopes, dreams, commitment and message.

The process of rebranding and the result of our new brand helped us define our direction and fine tune our message, all while creating a sense of expansiveness and fluidity. We feel focused and clear and extremely proud of our finished brand and products.

If you are the market for a new look and feel for your business, we suggest you connect with Lisa Hromada before connecting with anyone else. Lisa is committed to not only presenting you with a finished product which makes your heart sing – she is caring, compassionate, and dedicated to you – her client. Lisa epitomizes excellence!”

~ Diane Marie Ford & Katharine Gilpin