How Much is a Logo Worth to Your Business?

Written By Lisa Hromada

In a related post, Logo: Why is it so important for Your Business?, I go into more detail about the essential role a professionally-designed logo has in a business, so I will just touch on it in this post and you can check out the other post for more information.

Your logo has a big job to do in your business.

First, when we talk about “logo,” we are really talking about everything that goes into the development of your business’s brand, even before the design of your logo. This includes establishing or refining your vision, mission, core values and positioning statement, and clearly defining your audience and differentiating strengths. Once you have a clear picture of your Brand, you can effectively begin creating your visual brand expression, which starts with your logo.

Your logo—when done using the right branding steps and process—provides you and your business immediate recognition; is an authentic expression of your business’s core mission and purpose; represents trust and value; and inspires loyalty, respect and implies a certain sense of superiority.

Take, for example, the before and after example below of one of my branding clients.

Karen Brand - Before

Karen Brand – Before

Karen Brand - After

Karen Brand – After

You’ll immediately notice a completely different feeling from one design (Before) to the next (after).

Before, Karen was using standard text for her name (no branded logo), tightly structured shapes and a corporate style color palette with a mix of dark red and cold blue. (For more on colors, check out my post: The meaning of colors: Feeling Color: Understanding Your Brand’s Color Choice)

After, Karen’s brand clearly reflects her and her work, the experience she provides for her clients and the essence of her entire business—professional, abundant, rich, warm and spiritual.

So, how much can a professionally-designed brand and logo be worth to your business?

It’s not hard to imagine that with an increased credibility that comes with a clear, authentically branded business, you increase your client base (and profits) and number of opportunities to partner and joint-venture (expanding your reach and quickly getting in front of your ideal clientele). It’s happened for many of my clients and other businesses, large and small, who have established a clear brand presence and made their mark in their crowded industries.


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